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Whats Your Sport

Whats Your Sport

Sports is one of the great ways to develop yourself as a person.  Through sports you learn not only about being...

Leadership Story of the Week

Leadership Story of the Week

Mary Smith, a high school student in Raleigh, North Carolina, has created a dance group of fellow students who travel...

Decision Making and Self-Confidence

Decision Making and Self-Confidence

We don't pretend to have all the answers but there are a few fundamental things you may find useful as you try to...

Practicing the Art of Leadership

Practicing the Art of Leadership

Leadership is an ongoing learning experience and as such requires constant practice just as a sport or other endeavor. ...

Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge

Want to challenge another school in academics? Let your leadership show. Tell us and we’ll set it up! ...

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day

Try your skills at solving today's word problem! Click on the picture to reveal the problem and link to the...

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High School Sophomores!! South Carolina Youth Leadership Conference – 2015

September 21st

In May of 2015 the first South Carolina Youth Leadership Conference will be held in Beaufort County at the University of South Carolina Beaufort's ...Read More...(23 Comments)

What If I Make a Mistake? It’s a Great Learning Opportunity!

May 19th

One of the great concerns of young adults is making a mistake - regardless of what the issue is.  It is a perfectly natural feeling ...Read More...(9 Comments)

Decision Making and Self-Confidence

May 15th

Decision Making.  How to Be Decisive in Everyday Life! We don’t pretend to have all the answers but there are a few fundamental things you may ...Read More...(2 Comments)

Great Video! Excellent Example of Leadership by High School Students

May 8th

Check it out!  A wonderful example of leadership among high school students - doing the right thing!  Send us your video story.  What are you ...Read More...(93 Comments)

Situational Leadership

May 2nd

What exactly is situational leadership?  Essentially situational leadership is when a person finds herself or himself in a situation where by using their personal skills ...Read More...(10 Comments)

How to Manage Stress

April 29th

This is the time of year when students find themselves dealing with stress that comes from preparation for exams, sports, after school activities, deciding on ...Read More...(1 Comment)

Toma de decisiones y la confianza

April 26th

No pretendemos tener todas las respuestas pero hay algunas cosas fundamentales que pueden ser útiles al tratar de navegar en estas aguas.En primer lugar, es ...Read More...(54 Comments)

How to Get the Job You Want! Sharpen your interviewing skills.

April 26th

Interviewing for a job can be challenging for a variety of reasons.  You usually do not know the person conducting the interview and often are ...Read More...(6 Comments)


April 26th

One hears a lot about “empowerment” – a term often used in business wherein an organization makes a concerted effort to “empower it’s employees” to ...Read More...(2 Comments)

What Do You Think Now?

March 11th

Share your thoughts! What do you believe is the most important issue in the United States today?  It may not be one we have listed but ...Read More...(4 Comments)