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One hears a lot about “empowerment” – a term often used in business wherein an organization makes a concerted effort to “empower it’s employees” to identify issues and deal with them directly without formal approval from management.

As a young adult working at any company you should be aware of the employer’s policies with respect to empowerment especially if working with outside customers and consumers in particular.  An example of empowerment might be a car rental agent providing a customer with an upgrade if the requested vehicle is unavailable.

This simple example of “empowerment” is primarily related to what is generally referred to as good customer service and intended to keep people coming back to that business. 

In some companies or circumstances where there is no direction you should consider any situation relative to the business in which you are working.  If you observe something you intuitively know needs to be done [especially if it is safety related] you should take the initiative and do what is necessary to address/correct the issue.  Taking action – without being told to do so – is empowerment.   It is a  good example of demonstrating responsibility, initiative, judgment, intellect, and motivation.  Take action when you see it is appropriate to do so!



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