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The leadlikeus.com team is a group of young adults like yourself, as well as “older” adults [yes, over 25] who have worked to create a website dedicated to those who will become the future leaders of the country.  Our team consists of students in various high schools and colleges such as Rutgers, Georgia Southern, and UPenn, who are contributing to this project along with others who bring substantial experience in the world of teaching, coaching, business, and the military.  Leadership is all around us; it is an art, and as such must be practiced.  Our vision and goals are clear – read on!

We are all about personal leadership!  When all is said and done that means we “do the right thing.”  This site is dedicated to that fundamental principle.

Vision of purpose, intent, and desired outcome:

Issue:  In the United States there are millions of young adults who consistently demonstrate the many characteristics of leadership including responsibility, trust, integrity, teamwork, intellect, decisiveness, creativity, judgment and so forth.  Often these wonderful young people create, develop, and act in ways that clearly suggest they are the leaders of tomorrow.  Often, however, many of the terrific things they do are not known outside their immediate surroundings.

 Purpose:  This website is intended to create an opportunity for young adults to share their marvelous efforts with others elsewhere and to learn and experience the many principles of leadership as a means to enhance their growth.  The intent is to provide this chance through a variety of platforms structured to appeal to individuals of said age group.  While the fundamental intention is not to engage in a social purpose in and of itself the website will include such opportunities to provide for direct interaction among peers and colleagues at the young adult level.

Intended result:  Through the interactive process and other learning opportunities associated with the website young adults are expected to continue to excel at their skills in leadership.  They will learn at an early age the importance of practice – after all, leadership is an art and must be practiced.  Those participating on this site represent the future of leadership in this country.

The term, leadlikeus, refers to those young adults who lead by example.  They volunteer, take up a cause, are top athletes who lead their teams, class officers, possess strong academic skills, are part of a club or organization and so on.  There are literally tens of thousands of those in their very early years who demonstrate through their behavior strong, fundamental leadership skills.  These are the future leaders who are doing it now and are true representatives of “lead like us.”

[While we are working closely with the Management & Marketing team at Georgia Southern University, our current advisory board consists of high school teachers, coaches, college professors, business men and women, students at both the high school and college level, and others in a variety of endeavors including medicine, broadcasting, and law enforcement].

For everyone on the leadlikeus.com team,

Jamie Gilleland and Bill Moss





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