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Practicing the Art of Leadership

Leadership is an ongoing learning experience and as such requires constant practice just as a sport or other endeavor.  Many individuals fail at leadership because they do not follow through on what they have learned.

One of the important aspects of leadership is the relationship you hold  with your peers.  Being seen as a leader by your peers is an awesome experience and you can accomplish it in several ways.  Here are a few tips about leadership you can begin using immediately!

  • Always congratulate people on their achievements.  If you can do so when others are present so much the better.  Do not hesitate to send someone a text or email to recognize their good work.
  • Always Do What You Say You Will Do.  If you promise someone you will help with a project or simply give them a ride someplace – be sure you do it!
  • Volunteer to help others; especially if you have a particular expertise someone else needs.
  • Lead by example! For instance, if you are working on a community project such as a “clean up the river day” be sure you put in your time and work as diligently as possible!  It is not “cool” to slack off in such situations.  Also, if you see something that “needs to be done” then do it!  You lead by example when you don’t wait for someone to ask you.
  • Call people by their name.  There is nothing more important to someone than their name – use it!
Remember, the principles of leadership include teamwork, judgment, honesty, trust, responsibility, intelligence, decisiveness, creativity, vision, and dependability.  Practice these principles faithfully and you will continue to grow.  These are simple, everyday matters  but do not underestimate how important they are to others.  Be assured if you practice these basic tenets of leadership you will continue to be seen by your peers as a genuine leader!

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