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What exactly do we mean by personal leadership?  And, why is it so important?  Well, in many ways it represents who you are as a person.  As you grow in life you will find that knowing, understanding, and practicing the principles of leadership will be of substantial value in all you do!

Leadership can be something simple such as picking up and returning a dollar bill someone dropped while in line at a grocery store – mentoring a younger student or perhaps being captain of your sports team.  These acts represent honesty, responsibility, trust, teamwork, and inspiration – all deeds of personal leadership.  But there is much more!

It is nearly impossible to imagine a true leader who does not possess honesty, trust, integrity, and responsibility.   Just think of your own experiences.   Could  you possibly follow someone who you knew to be dishonest?  Or, someone who did not take responsibility for their actions?  Would you respect that person?  Obviously not.

Other important characteristics of Leaders:

A Leader must be:






A Team Player

A leader must have:


Communication Skills


As a leader you should always seek to maximize your strengths and minimize those areas at which you do not excell.  For instance, you might be very adept at speaking and communicating and so you should work to strengthen those areas.  However, you may feel somewhat lacking in your creativity.  That is fine, but then seek out others who are creative when you need that type of help.  A good leader  “surrounds”  her/himself with other, talented people.

In addition to interacting with your peers you will find various elements on the site that will provide ongoing information and ideas about leadership you can begin to use immediately.  For example, a real easy but very important aspect of personal leadership is recognizing the accomplishments of your peers. Always make the effort to congratulate someone [verbal, text, email] on their achievement; a high test grade, winning shot, National Honor Society, Volunteer of the Year, and so forth.  You will know intuitively what is important.  Doing so will clearly demonstrate your personal leadership to that person.  Good leaders always recognize the accomplishments of others!

So check it all out and join the fun!  Learn and lead to become an important part of the LeadLikeUs team!



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