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[Incorruptible, Trustworthy, Honest, Consistent, Credibility]

 Jose and Tyler are shooting hoops at the court when Michael, Jessica, and Brittany walk by.  After watching for a couple of minutes Jessica yells to Tyler, “Ty, are you going to the party at Kristin’s on Friday night?”  Tyler responds saying, “No, I can’t.  My dad and I are going to the ballgame over in Pleasant Valley.”  “OK, that’s too bad.  I was hoping to see you there.”

A few minutes later after the three have left Jose says, “Hey man, you told me a few minutes ago you were going to a party in Doylestown with Chris and Josh.”  “I know, but I just didn’t think quick enough and didn’t want her to say anything to Kristin.  Kristin’s a friend and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”  “Yeah, well, sounds to me like Jessica has some serious interest in you.” 

But, what does Jose think?  Is he thinking he has heard Tyler give two different stories for the same situation?  And just in the past 30 minutes!  He already knows Tyler is not being honest – even if what he said is true about going with Josh and Chris.  And now he is not even be sure of that although he does believe it.  So Tyler’s honesty is in doubt and his integrity is definitely suspect.  In the future what do you think Jose will think when Tyler tells him something?  Has Tyler hurt his credibility with Jose?

It is clear there is a direct link between integrity and honesty.  Also, with consistency and another term we have not discussed called principled.

Recall in the example on HONESTY.  We discussed the segment about being honest “some of the time” or “most of the time.”  There is no such thing!  If you are an honest person it must be all of the time.  Either you are or you are not.  It is really that simple!  Grasp that statement!  The key to maintaining your honesty is another, related component of leadership – INTEGRITY.  It is your personal integrity that provides you the courage, mental fortitude, and ethical persuasion to maintain your honesty.