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Peer Leadership

Ever wonder why some people are more popular?  Sure, some are popular because of good looks or they are the star athlete.  These, and similar attributes of others, are beyond your control.

However, there are a finite number of people who fit into one of these categories and they do not represent the majority of your friends and fellow students.  So how might you be recognized as a leader among your peers?

Consider this:  Most people separate themselves from others because of their behavior and how they treat others.  Much of it is common sense but sometimes it escapes us and we miss simple opportunities to enhance our personal relationships with others.  Try these simple ideas – they work!  But you must be consistent with your actions – it is a continuous process and practice makes perfect!

  • Call everyone you know by name – if you don’t know someone’s name – learn it!  Nothing is more important and personal to someone than their name.  Also, be certain you are pronouncing the name correctly.  If there is any doubt then ask the person how they prefer to have their name pronounced.  They will be glad to share that with you.
  • Recognize people’s accomplishments!  Don’t go away complaining a classmate is the teacher’s pet because they got a high test score.  Congratulate them on their achievement.  Tell them sincerely or it won’t work but you can be certain they will not forget your effort to recognize their success and it will elevate you in their mind.  The same is true for any significant event that someone succeeds in – congratulate them!
  • The key to enhancing your interpersonal relationships is also directly related to your maturity and judgment.  This cannot be overemphasized.  Essentially, don’t do things that are childish or immature in nature.  You are on the way to becoming an adult and you need to act like one.  You are no longer a “kid” so others believe you have grown up!  A good way to decide if you should or should not do something is to use the so called “gut check.”  If the thought crosses your mind that you should [or should not] take some action then you go with that decision.  You may be wrong at times but you will be right most of the time.  [Study the process of good judgment; it is critical!]

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