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Teamwork is a word we hear frequently but often don’t dissect it sufficiently to truly understand it’s meaning.  Occasionally, you will hear someone involved in teaching leadership say; “There is no “I” in TEAMWORK” which is certainly true and a strong indicator that the correct word is “WE.”

But keep in mind there are all sorts of “teams” and “teamwork.” Before getting into that, however, first understand the principal concept of teamwork can best be described as a group of individuals working together toward achieving a common goal.  It really does not need to be more complicated.

And, as you may have read earlier under Leadership one of the main characteristics of a good leader is “teamwork.”  The fact is, you cannot be a good leader unless you are – and have been – a good team player.  Demonstrating your strong sense of teamwork will be recognized by others providing you with the respect necessary to be an effective leader.  Certainly there are situations where teamwork is more critical than in others – war for one – but also in many fields of endeavor.  Even in sports you see where football, soccer, hockey, and basketball are much more “team critical” than baseball for instance. Regardless, when you participate to the fullest as a teammate – and give it your all, your full commitment, that is when you excel!  Never underestimate the importance of being a good team player!

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