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Physical fitness for young adults

Whether you are just starting your freshman year of high school or wrapping up your senior year of college, life is getting busier. Sports and games and other activities that you used to have plenty of time for are harder to squeeze in now due to the constraints of your higher education. For me and several other people this age, exercise and nutrition are such large parts of our lives that it is difficult to function without them. I am in my sophomore year of college and I would like to share with all of you some tips that I find vital to maintaining a healthy routine even when your life becomes quite hectic.

First and foremost, the number one key to exercise and nutrition is DEDICATION. I know, it seems like a fairly broad and overused phrase, but let me explain a little more. Being dedicated doesn’t mean heading to the gym whenever you have some free time or only worrying about eating healthy when there are no other options. It means actually making exercise and nutrition as much a part of your daily life as your classes. For me, this means actually setting apart a certain time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to go to the gym. When I go to the dining hall to eat, I make sure that I completely skip over the section that always has comfort food and head straight over to the grilled chicken or sauté area.

To specify more on the dedication aspect, you must have a PLAN. There have been many times in my college and high school experience where I merely go to the gym and have no idea what I am going to do until I get there. While this is of course much better than skipping the gym altogether, it isn’t a truly effective way of exercising. The same applies to nutrition. You should try to at least think about how your meals will play out for the day. Think about what food choices you have available for that particular day and what you can make with those options. Otherwise, you could fall prisoner to a fast-food joint or skipping a meal completely.

What I have outlined here is quite broad, but nonetheless crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you want to learn more specific tips on exercise and nutrition or ask me your own questions, log onto LeadLikeUs.com and visit my blog!

Here’s to your good health!


Tim is a sophmore at Rutgers University studying health and human physiology.  He will discuss all aspects of physical fitness for your lifestyle as young adults.



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